Another Spam free month with SpamAssassin and Postfix

I haven't been getting any SPAM lately, so I thought I'd turn on catch-all to see what happens. Accepting mail for invalid recepients (e.g. anything @mydomain) caused about twice as much SPAM to be attempted, but still nothing got through to my Inbox:

Stats for Feb 2010
Ham	SpamC	SpamR	SpamM	HamC
192	126	1951	0	0
2269		Total messages
2077		Total Spam (Caught + Missed + Rejected)
91.53%		Spam as % of all mail
93.93%		% of Spam rejected by Postfix at SMTP time
0%		False positive rate (Ham misclassified as Spam)
0%		False negative rate (Spam misclassified as Ham)
100.00%		Spam catch rate (Spam filter accuracy)

As you can see, Postfix got most of it, then SpamAssasin got the rest. I heart Postfix and SpamAssassin. 🙂

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