How to painlessly add Scuttle bookmarks in Chromium (Chrome) browser

I've been using the Chromium browser more and more and finally got to a point where not being able to create bookmarks in my personal Scuttle instance with one click has become a problem. Not to get off on a tangent, but I've been using Scuttle for a few years now and it's still my favorite bookmark solution. Scuttle is a PHP app that installs on your own web server and stores bookmarks in MySQL. It's basically your own private to use for yourself and/or share with others, get it from sourceforge.

So, anyway, Scuttle provides Javascript Bookmarklets which make creating bookmarks a breeze, automatically populating Address, Title and even highlighted text on the page as Description. I used to use a Firefox plugin for Scuttle, but like the Bookmarklet approach much better. So in Firefox, I just have this Bookmarklet as a bookmark and to bookmark the page I'm on, I simply hi-light the text I want to use as Description, then bookmark the bookmarklet, which takes me to the "add bookmark" Scuttle page, where I can add optional tags, modify title, etc. Upon clicking "Add Bookmark", it is added and I get taken back to the page I was on. Sweet.

In Chromium (and I guess Chrome as well), there's no Bookmark menu, so no spot to place the bookmarklet for easy access. One way is to open up a new tab, right click on the Bookmarks bar near the top, and select "Always Show Bookmarks Bar". This places a permament Bookmark bar below search / navigation bar. Then go to the Scuttle's "add a bookmark" page (e.g. and drag the "Post to Scuttle" bookmarklet onto the Chromium's bookmark bar.

The downside of the above method is loss of screen real estate -- however small, it bugs me, as one of the things I like about Chromium is its efficient use of screen real estate. One way to get around this is to install the "Neat Bookmarks" extension, which places a button to the right of the search / navigation bar, which yields a drop down list of bookmarks. Nice.