How to print an 8.5 x 3.5 check in QuickBooks

This exciting post discusses how to print an individual 8.5" x 3.5" check in QuickBooks. I have found QuickBooks to be unintuitive and irritating. One of these days I will spend some time and identify and awesome Open Source alternative. In the meantime, here's a big post on how to do a small task.

Alright, here it goes.. Let's say you got a great deal on some checks from an online vendor, however, each 8.5" x 11" sheet contains three checks and QuickBooks will only print the top one. What a waste! Fortunately, there's a way..


  • QuickBooks software (tested Quickbooks Premier Professional Services Edition 2006)
  • Printer (tested HP LaserJet 4000)
  • Checks (tested Business Size, 3-Per-Page Computer Checks Without Lines, Form # 59011)
  1. Separate the individual checks along the perforated lines. Load a single check in your printer's envelope tray and adjust plastic tray guides to the width of the check. Note: if the check has a Tear-Off Strip, remove it (typically the last check on the three page sheet would have the Tear-Off Strip)
  2. In QuickBooks, go to print a check and
    • Under the "Settings" tab, choose Printer type: "Page-oriented (Single sheets)"
    • Under the "Settings" tab, set "Checks on 1st Page" to 1
    • Under the "Partial Page" tab, set "Partial Page Printing Style" to "Center"
    • Hit "Print" and answer "No" to the question about the Tear-Off Strip (which you removed in Step 1)

Now you should have a good looking check that should fit perfectly into your handsome double window self sealing envelope (which you probably purchased along with your checks). Seal, mail and impress your vendors with your professional looking setup.

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  • 1. archie replies at 6th June 2008, 9:02 pm :

    this is some high tech stuff, man

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