Revive a dead iPhone following complete battery discharge

I guess I must have let the battery on the iPhone completely discharge, as I found it motionless and unresponsive last night on my desk. Plugged it in, still nothing -- won't start up. Left it charging overnight, still no luck. Followed the reset procedure:

  • Hold down power and home buttons together until the Apple logo appears

And it came back to life. The battery was empty, plugged in, now it's charging. It's a relief, weird behavior, though, I think. I've let the battery on the other phones I've had over the years (Nokia, BlackBerry, Sony, Siemens, etc, etc) drain completely lots of times. Plugging in the charger always just let me start them up again with no issues.


  • 1. Learn Qigong Online replies at 15th November 2011, 6:05 pm :

    Hey, great post – this worked for me today. Thought my phone was dead, but after holding power and home for about 30 seconds, it came back to life. Thx again.

  • 2. petren replies at 19th June 2012, 3:53 pm :

    indeed, great post. My 4S phone had the same issue though the battery was not dead. It just went blank and would not come up. The trick by pressing home and power button brought it up. But that is indeed scary.

  • 3. Awais replies at 30th October 2012, 11:17 pm :

    I pressed that home+power button. Just then a slight flash and nothing more. What should I do???

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