Shell one liner to identify which MySQL database tables are used for which WordPress MU blog

With WordPress MU, all blogs share the same database. A number is added to standard WordPress table names for each blog. Main blog is usually wp_1_xxx, second blog that was created is wp_2_xxx, etc.

To modify a WPMU blog directly in the DB, one would usually want to identify which tables are used for which blog, to ensure the correct blog is being modified. Here’s a little shell one liner to do just that:

$ CMD="mysql giantdorks --skip-column-names -Be"; TBS=$($CMD "show tables like 'wp%options'"); for TB in $TBS; do URL=$($CMD "select option_value from $TB where option_name='siteurl'") && echo $TB is for $URL; done
wp_1_options is for
wp_2_options is for
wp_3_options is for

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