Shell script to export data from MySQL tables using SELECT INTO OUTFILE method, with column names

I'd previously posted about exporting MySQL data into csv/psv/tab delimited files by redirecting output of SELECT with pattern replacements and briefly mentioned the SELECT INTO OUTFILE method. Both are fine, but SELECT INTO OUTFILE method is faster.

Also, loading data into tables using LOAD DATA INFILE is much, much faster than doing an INSERT on each row individually. Recently I was experimenting with different schema and partitioning options for a database with over 12 million rows and with LOAD DATA INFILE method I was able to load 12 mil rows worth of data in just 47 sec.

Anyway, here's a script I used to export every table from a database using the SELECT INTO OUTFILE method. By default, with this method, there seems to be no way to export column names as the first line of output, so the script will insert those as well.


# Script to export all tables from a MySQL DB using the SELECT INTO 
# OUTFILE method and to add table column names to dump files that this 
# method otherwise doesn't allow. Requires superuser privileges to 
# copy export files out of the MySQL data dir.

DB=MyDB # change me!
export_dir="/path/to/dir" # change me!
myopts="--skip-column-names -Be" # add username/password if not using ~/.my.cnf

 echo -e 1>&2
 exit 1

mysql_data_dir=$(mysql $myopts "show variables like 'datadir'" | awk '{sub(/\/$/,"");print$NF}')

if ! (mysqlshow $DB 1>/dev/null); then
  echo ERROR: unable to access database
  exit 1

if ! [ -w $export_dir ]; then
  echo ERROR: export dir is not writable
  exit 1 

if ! (sudo touch $mysql_data_dir/$DB/test 2>/dev/null); then
  echo ERROR: this script will need sudo access to
  echo move exported files out of mysql data dir. 
  echo Come back when you get sudo, son.
  exit 1
  sudo rm $mysql_data_dir/$DB/test

 mysql $DB $myopts "
   FROM $T

 cols=$(mysql $DB $myopts "desc $T" | awk '{print$1}' | tr '\n' '|' | sed 's/|$//')
 sed -i "1i \
 " $export_dir/$T.psv

mysql $DB $myopts "show tables" | 
while read T; do 
  echo exporting $T
  ExportTable || err_exit
  sudo mv $mysql_data_dir/$DB/$T.psv $export_dir/ || err_exit
  AddColumnHeaders || err_exit

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  • 1. Sergi replies at 9th July 2013, 5:18 am :

    Hi Alain, I have a very big table with millions registers.
    Do you think It would be possible to export only data betweeen 2 dates ?
    I have an event_date field (timestamp) I would like to call the script In the following
    myscript “2013-06-01 00:00” “2013-06-30 23:59” backup_2013_06.sql
    myscript “2013-05-01 00:00” “2013-05-31 23:59” backup_2013_05.sql
    do you think that would be a good backup system ? I don’t know if outfile command supports a select first.

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